Why buttons are displayed in xp but hidden in windows 7?

Jun 17, 2014
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The question is : Why buttons are displayed in xp but hidden in windows 7?
The code that I use for the buttons is createwindow. The buttons are child control.

I run win32 program on windows 7 64 bit.
The program is running prefect on win xp.
On win7 the buttons are hidden and if I click the button position, it is flashing for a mili sec.
So the buttons are created and responding but hidden behind the parent window.

The code that I use is : CreateWindow (TEXT("button"), ctrlText, WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | BS_PUSHBUTTON | BS_BITMAP, 250, 110, 100, 25, hwnd,(HMENU)ctrlID, hInstance, NULL);

I don't know how to solve this problem. Tried to change the style, use createwindowex instead of createwindow, call InitCommonControls but failed to solve the problem.

Thank you,


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