What's the general procedure for running XP programs (such as OE6) on a Windows7 machine?


Roy Smith

I have some old ones I want to keep.
If you are using Windows 7 Professional or higher, you could use XP
mode. On the other hand if you're using Windows 7 Home Premium or lower
you could use VMware Player or VirtualBox and set up a virtual machine
that runs WinXP. Only problem to that is you'd have to have a licensed
copy of WinXP to be able to install on it which XP mode includes one.


Roy Smith
Windows 7 Professional
Thunderbird 3.1.7
Saturday, January 22, 2011 6:22:49 AM


I have some old ones I want to keep.
Depends on what you want to run?

IF you have a mix of DOS or earlier Windows (16/32 bit Windows) you
want to install Windows 7 (x86) 32-bit and install MS VirtualPC 2007

This version supports all OS's including MS-DOS.

IF you use Windows 7 (x64) 64-bit Windows, you can only install some
32-bit OS's or 64-bit OS's.

Windows 7 (x64) will generate an error and won't allow you to install
VPC 2007 SP1. You can only install the newest version of VPC (2010ish)
and XP-mode.

Another work-around is to use VMWare or other 3rd party virtual




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