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May 10, 2010
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The truth is, we don't know exactly.

But what we do know is that we want a good balance with off-topic being only a small portion of the overall posts each day. This is not Twitter or Facebook where you come to tell all your personal thoughts and ponder life in 144 characters or less. This is a technical forum with the main purpose of sharing news and helping others with issues related to Computers and Windows 7. Off-topic should be used sparingly and will not be allowed to overrun the threads of substance.

The w7forums supports folding for a cure and all members are welcome to join the folding team. Folding threads will always be welcome here.

We have the official-joke-thread but it can be weeks between jokes. And recently the addition of the quote-of-the-day thread. We have helped with water heaters issues and even discussed the weather ... sparingly. But still, our focus on this forum is computers and Windows 7.

And as with many places it is harder for the newbie than for the regular. If we know a person helps a lot or sticks to computer issues most of the time then a little more off-topic would be allowed than for someone who just comes to this section immediately just to get their post counts up. We want this to be first and foremost a place where people come to get help with computer issues and visitors should see immediately that people are here primarily for that.

All posts, in any section, should be friendly and on-topic. Moderators and the Administrators are here to help you as well as to keep the threads appropriate.

Thank you and Welcome to W7forums.
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