Web site will not load due to Java

Aug 25, 2012
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I have a problem with a Java enabled website not “loading”. Here are the details.

I am using WIN7 Pro, IE11. I have both Java 32 bit and 64 bit, version 45 installed. The Java “test your installation” verifies the install is good, and there are no other Java versions installed.

I type the website URL and click enter. The opening screen of the website briefly flashes and then I am redirected to the Oracle page: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/index.html.

There are no “error” messages displayed or other hints as to why the website does not load. I cannot find any “help” information on the Oracle page. I have enabled the IE tools setting to allow Java, but without any error message I am at a loss on where to look.

Any suggestion on why IE refuses to load the website and how to fix?

Additional information. I also have Firefox installed and the website will load in Firefox ( after changing several settings) after “accepting” Java might harm my computer. So I know the website is capable of opening and the Java install is OK (at least for Firefox).


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