W7 Deployment from an Image

Nov 13, 2009
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Okay this is the first time i've tried to deploy windows rather then just installing from the disc. Anyway after failures from errors or things just plain left out in all the documentation I got it working but I have 2 questions.

First: I do the following to deploy the image:
1. Run "diskpart" and it partitions the disk.
2. Run "imagex /apply wimfile 1 c:" and it applies the image to the c: drive.
3. Run "c:\windows\system32\bcdboot c:\windows" it says boot files successfully crated.

The system should now be ready for delivery so i remove the win pe disc and restart the computer but get the windows boot manager error:
File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc0000034
Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Data file is missing required information

Now if I insert the windows 7 dvd and run a repair it boots up fine but the point of this is so we can install from an image on our server and not have to use a windows 7 dvd. There is obviously something going wrong on not happening after I apply the image but what is it?

Second: I put the windows key in the unattend file used to setup windows on the reference computer and when it installs and boots to audit mode if I run a key checker it has the windows key there but when we then package it to run windows welcome for the user to set it up it keeps asking for the windows key after selecting language and name.

How do you get it so that the customer will not have to enter their windows key when the system sets up?

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