Imaging Win 7 Pro x64 for deployment

Feb 29, 2012
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Dear Members,

Recently we will be getting 10 new computers blank with out OS and have plan to install win 7 pro x 64 on all of them. All computers are 100% identical with same HDD, memory etc.

Now installing on each PC with drivers is time consuming task, to cut this I need to work out a solution of imaging.

Previously I used Norton Ghost for making Win XP Images. I need assistance from experts how to work this out with Win 7, Guide me below I am writing what I am thinking to do.

- Install Win 7 Pro x 64 with drivers, create 2 partitions C and D on Hard Drive on 1st PC
- Do not activate windows and take its complete Hard Disk Image with partition C and D using Norton Ghost on a portable USB HDD
- Boot the 2nd PC with Ghost bootable CD and give the source imgae .gho file from portable HDD and write complete with hard disk partitions C and D on the destination PC which is 2nd PC, after that rename its computer name
- activate windows on both PC and join to domain network

Above mentioned steps are OK and can work out for 10 Computers same way, let me know.



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