Virtual WiFi


Oct 17, 2008
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It looks like there is a little known feature buried within Windows 7, fresh from the MS research labs. It's called VWiFi (Virtual WiFi) and it can create multiple virtual wireless adaptors from your single WiFi card:

In essence, how Virtual WiFi works is very similar to how virtualization works for operating systems which most people are familiar with - the transparent sharing of limited hardware resources to many operating systems. Virtual WiFi, abbreviated to VWiFi, is a software layer that abstracts the wireless LAN card hardware into multiple virtual adapters. The software handles the connections of each adapter to ensure every adapter has an opportunity to connect to their respective networks limited by time. The result is an operating system none-the-wiser and acts as if you have multiple WLAN hardware adapters working independently.
Long Zheng has the full details on his blog:


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