Umax 2200 on USB in virtualmode XP

Jan 12, 2016
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Searched the internet all over and found that only some people are able to use the Umax 2200 scanner in XP virtual mode running W7 using USB ports and even they have/get problems. Definitly need XP for my Canon EOS 300 camera on USB as no drivers are supporting W7 and a few other old trusted hardware peace's too for you never know.
I can use the scanner without any limitation in a multiboot W7+XP computer when I select the XP mode from startup. Installed virtual mode XP within W7-ult and vm XP performs well like expected. Using a USB mouse work fine vm-XP. Connecting the Canon after installing drivers and applications from DVD works immediately and for 100%. The USB button in vm XP shows the Canon by name and asks permission for attachment.
Connecting a SONY reader to the same USB-port now vm XP asks me if I want to take over the share from W7 and use the book in XP mode only.
BUT it sees an "unidentified device" when I connect the Umax even so all drivers are installed from DVD the same way like for Canon. Using an thirdparty USBviewer in vm XP mode shows a connection named UMAX 2200 where the vm XP USB button doesn't.

Problem all over seems to be that UMAX drivers are written for running only in very old fashioned and only hardware running XP systems.
Who knows where I can find drivers that communicate via USB with an UMAX Astra 2200 in virtual mode XP?
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