VIA HD Audio Input Control - lack of

Mar 6, 2011
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Problem: Line- and mike-in audio goes directly to speakers and is not controlled by line
in volume NOR can audio be recorded.
MB: ASUS_M4A78T-E_v2
Chipset: AMD 790GX / SB750
Audio (On-board) VIA VT1708S 8-channel High Definition Audio
CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 3.1GHz
OS: Windows 7 Pro
There are no issues with audio files from the drives, on-line, Youtube, etc.
I've been trying off & on for the past year+ to figure out how to capture audio tracks
from an external turntable, cassette deck or mike, via either the line in or mike in
jacks. What ever is connected as input goes directly to the selected output (speaker or
phones). The input cannot be controlled by the software volume controls and is not
availabe for recording. Speaker or phone volume is software controllable.
Unsuccessful efforts:
Every plug and VIA software control variation that I could think of.
Installed latest VIA driver (when original driver uninstalled, I was able to record line
in audio on one channel BUT had no speaker of phone control).
I did not update the BIOS as ASUS notes no audio changes.
This is probably my last attempt to get this on-board audio working. ANY insights,
suggestions, or other solutions would be appreciated, including replacement audio card.
before trying an audio card - suggestions here also solicited.

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