Updates issue

Mar 25, 2015
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Hi guys, would appreciate some help if at all poss.

Using Win 7 Pro SP1.

The 'important' updates below are proving a nightmare.

Installed them many times but they keep coming back.

Generally I will install them but after rebooting they are not showing

as installed when checked. I then get prompted again to install them.

Worse ..one of these is causing my machine to need to repair itself
upon restart after the 'install'.

I have tried a few things. Downloaded the MS fixit gadget - no luck,
and also tried the cold boot and then install method - no luck.

Any ideas please?

KB3032323 failed with reason 800F0816
KB3033929 failed with reason 800F0816
KB3039066 failed with reason 800F0816
KB3046049 failed with reason 800F0816
KB3035131 failed with reason 800700E
May 16, 2015
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You can download them manually, via the KB code in a websearch. It worked for me, mostly. I get 2 this last week that won't run because "being blocked by something on your system" - no error code given.

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