Thanks for the info.


Lee Waun

I am not certain who I got the info from on this group but I want to thank
them who ever they are.

After a lot of research I have decided I am so going to skip Windows 8. I
really am happy with windows 7. Both my laptop and desktop work perfectly
with win7 as does all hardware and programs. Since it isn't broke why fix

What I did decide to do is try to upgrade my laptop but not buy a new one as
all the new laptops are windows 8 now in this area.

So I decided to upgrade the laptop to an SSD from the old slow 5400rpm 750
gig Hitachi harddrive.

I have successfully upgraded this laptop to a 128 gig m4 Crucial SSD and
the performance is impressive. The SSD is running in SATA 3 mode and this
does seem like a new machine. I bought the 128 gig drive as I am only using
45 gigs of the old drive anyways so after cloning the drive I still have 74
gigs open which will last me years.

The big help I got from this group was the discussion of cloning programs
and someone here mentioned Macrium Reflect which is free for home use. It
did a fantastic job and I will in a few weeks be using it again to clone
the system drive on my I7 desktop.

Again thanks to whoever mentioned Macrium. It cloned this machines HD

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