speedtouch n wireless interfere.....URGENT...

Jan 4, 2010
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i dun know the reason why it happened.but i m sure about reason.i have 2 ways to connect to my dsl,one is speedtouch thomson 330 modem n other is via my router way which is wireless.since i am living in pakistan and pak is under energy crisis so power outage happens,therefore i need to use speedtouch kind of modem which is indepent of adapter n works with laptop independent of power shortage.
ever since i had not installed speedtouch modem,wireless was working fine,without prb,just in clicks as normally it does.(i connect dsl modem to router)n laptop wifi is used.
but since i installed speedtouch modem,only speedtouch connects but it stops wireless,i mean it does not let any connectivity via wireless.
in wireless,it connects to router but not connecting to internet,n same when i connect via LAN or speedtouch,then it connects.
can anyone tell me whats exact reason.
i am using dellstudio 1737 laptop,n it has dell wireless hardware.

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