Soundcard mic is not working

May 15, 2012
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Don't whats causing this but... My mics (got two head sets) stopped working in any soundcard (got 2 sound cards) mic jack but works fine when used with usb connection (my second headset has USB connection possibility).
Drivers are up to date.
Mic on sound card is enabled & set as default device.
Win7 pro 64 is up to date.
Trouble shooting gives no errors.

So guys any ideas what part of my win7 is broken the way that back panel soundcard mic jack is not recording. My two sound cards are SB x-fi extreme music and SB Recon 3D. Problen showed with extreme music and I thought great my sound card mic section blew up and bought a new card but problem is still there.

Mic got perma muted in the middle of battlefield 3 server change. as far as I can recall when it might have happened. But as I said mic works fine via usb connection.

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