Sim Free Modem Spain

Oct 13, 2014
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Hi All
This is my first post & I think this is the right place to put it but if not, pls move it to the relevant part.

For years, in the Canary Islands, I have been paying Vodafone over the odds for pay as you go modem.
Ok I live on a Boat, So, I cannot get a contract with ANY company. Yu have to live in a house or flat, for that.

First it was 50 euros for 3 GB then they reduced the price, but cut to 2 gb
now its down to 1.5 gb.

I found Lebara ES does 3Gb for 25 euro
So, I paid a company to free my Vodafone ZTE modem
Once they freed the modem..
We had to look for the factory ZTE drivers

We got into the ZTE drivers, looked for the correct download.
Then we got a msg
This modem model is not compatible with win 7 64 bit Os.

So, I looked on, for Sim Free 3g Modems, and there are pages of them, with prices ranging from 19 to 70 euros.

Does anyone here, know what modem to buy, to use, without problems, a Lebara Sim, in Spanish Teritory ?

Thanks from Wally


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