Save file errors!!

Oct 11, 2015
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Hi all,

I have recently installed Windows 7 on a separate partition on my Mac and can't seem to be able to save any of y files anywhere.

When I try to save them to either of my external hard-drives, it says I don't have permission and to contact the administrator. I have tried to set the security on the drives so that I have permission, however there is no security tab within the properties menu of either drives or the folders within them.

Then, when I try and save the file to the computers hard-drive, no matter where I try and save it, it tells me a copy of my file already exists and if I want to overwrite it. This happens even when its a new, empty, folder. When I select yes to overwrite, it appears to save, but the file does not appear in the location I selected to save.

Can anyone help??


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