Restore my data backup from to a different user profile name on a different machine

Dec 19, 2010
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I used the Win7 backup feature to create a backup of My Data from my desktop. I would like to restore it to my netbook also using Win7. But the profile name on my destop has a different user profile name than my netbook.

If I say restore into original locations, it creates a folder on my netbook using my desktop user name. Thus I have 2 folders of my data, one using my Netbook profile name and the other using my desktop profile name. No joy in that at all.

If I tell it to restore to a location of my choosing, it creates a new folder within my exisiting netbook data. The new folder is named C: and then it has the following subfolders User\profilename\data. Again, no joy at all.

So, how does one restore a windows backup of data to a different computer, when the computers have different profile user names?


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May 10, 2010
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What you want is not its' purpose. It is designed to backup data for restore to the same machine or to carry the existing user data/settings to a new install.

If all you need is your data, then once it creates C:\user\desktopprofile\data on your netbook then logon as your netbook ID and "take ownership" of C:\user\desktopprofile\data. Once you own it, you can move the files from under C:\user\desktopprofile\data\... documents, music, pictures, videos to your corresponding C:\user\netbookprofile\data\...

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