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J. P. Gilliver (John)

Varouj said:
J. P. Gilliver (John) a exprimé avec précision :
In message <[email protected]>, Varouj
As for sfc/Scannow, I am the only user and have all the
administrative rights. I type sfc/scannow in the popup that opens
with "Start" and "Run". Nothing happens but a very quick vision of a
black window with white lines scrolling (by quick I mean less than a second).
Don't type it in the Start|Run box; start a command window (I think
typing cmd in the Start|Run box will do that, though I'm not sure if
you get enough privileges that way). This will open up a (yes, it is
black [by default - I think you can change it]) command window, and
you type sfc/Scannow into _that_. It _won't_ then close when it's
finished, and you will then be able to see what it says. You can also
start a command window from somewhere in the Start|Programs area -
not sure about 7, under XP I think it's under Accessories - and
that's how you get more privileges if you need them (you find it,
then _right_ click and choose run as administrator).
Thank you John
I was able to run sfc/scannow and it fixed the problem.
Now I have created a restore point.
Thanks again
Glad to be of service - glad I got enough of it right, since I was
busking it from when I briefly had a 7 PC a year or two ago (and what
I've read here) - I'm still wedded to my XP!
J. P. Gilliver. UMRA: 1960/<1985 MB++G()AL-IS-Ch++(p)[email protected]+H+Sh0!:`)DNAf

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Char Jackson

I tried System Restore a couple of times and in both cases it left files
and (empty) folders behind. That was the last time that I used it. If
you create an image and restore it, it will be _exactly_ the same. No
crap left behind.
That bit of messiness isn't my primary reason for disabling and avoiding SR.
For me the big deal is that I have no way of knowing what SR will do! With
nearly complete certainty, SR will make *multiple* changes to a system. The
user hopes that their one issue is resolved, but they always seem to ignore
all of the other changes that happen at the same time. Way too risky for me,
so I'll pass, thank you.

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