Recovery Disks

Jun 17, 2011
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Decided to reinstall original Win7 using the 3 Acer recovery disks generated when I first got laptop.
BAD IDEA I have never before used the recovery disks. I have previously reinstalled Win7 using a bootable CD without problems but thought the ACER recovery disks might add a little class.
System finished up after the third disk with "Setup is starting services" but sat there for 2 hours without anything happening. Energetic button pushing and restarting has got system to ."Setup will continue after starting your computer" Doesn't happen. More buttom pushing at startup "Alt + F10 got me to Boot Manager missing. Is there any way to retrieve boot manager. Acer want to repair for dollars and the loss of all files.
I am sorry if this is wrong thread. I am quite a novice in this forum.


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