recommended updates for windows 7

Sep 15, 2022
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I know this a broadly ridiculous question, but I do NOT know where else to start (I am not a Windows 7 Savvy User).
Are there any suggested or recommend updates I should apply to Windows 7sp1?
I just discovered ms catalog.

I have an Acer laptop with factory disks by which I had to reinstall Windows 7sp1 (due to Windows corrupting itself).
I have 1 program that required .Net 4 so I download 1 required update so I could install .Net 4.

Everything seems to work OK, so I do not know if I should be satisfied with what I have or are there (critical / important / urgent) updates from ms catalog that should be applied as well.
Any (advice/guidance/recommendations/suggestions) will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Tracey
I see there are sizable updates/roll-ups for Windows 7 both before -and- after Jan 2020.
Should I bother to apply any of these updates/roll-ups up (whether the ones up until Jan 2020 or include the ones after Jan 2020 if they will install)?
The Acer Recovery Disks automatically installs about 100 windows updates.
I cataloged about 400 windows updates applied to the system via windows update up until Jan 2020.

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