Reasons why 128bit might flop


all ball, no chain
Feb 13, 2009
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Win 2K Pro was the best OS that I had, prior to Windows 7. I still run it on my laptop. It is a bit of a RAM hog, but otherwise a near perfect OS in it's time. I wished they would drop XP this August instead of Win 2K, and keep it going until 2014. A simple to use OS, yet a coveted OS for business professionals. In fact, that group is who it was developed for.
2k is great, I agree. Now that XP has been patched up with multiple SPs, people forget how unstable it was when it first came out. I was slow to migrate to XP because 2k was such a solid performer. When I did eventually migrate, I kept turning off the eye candy and stripping services to get XP to match 2k's stability and performance. Never quite got there, though. The server editions of Windows have been the closest thing to match 2k, of the post-2k versions, IMO.

Kinda wish they'd built on the ideals of the NT core, instead of starting to slap on more and more "user friendliness" at the expense of stability and snappiness, but such is the price of doing business.


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