Profile added, but can't 'see' network

Dec 14, 2011
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Hi Folks,

I posted this in another forum and I am posting it here too.

I managed to add a wireless network profile to my IBM lenovo T400 laptop which
runs on Win 7 OS. However I am not able to see it listed in the list that
apperas when I click on the wireless transmission icon on the bottom right of
the screen.

I can confirm that the 'wireless radio' button in the said
laptop is turned on and is able to see other wireless networks in the vicinity.
I can also confirm that the particular wireless network is actually functioning
as I am able to access it from my Win XP machine.

In the WinXP machine,
my security type is 'WPA2-PSK', I am not able to find the same option in the Win
7 machine, so I selected WPA2-Personal. I also tried playing the with the other
'Security Type' options in the Win 7 machine, but nothing solves the problem. I
hope somone can advise. Thanks guys!!


^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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First, Pre-Shared Key and Personal ARE the same.

I have read about the opposite where profiles keep returning even after you delete them and the suggestion that seemed to work for them was to first find all the profiles by SSID and delete the folders, then remove the wireless network adapter, reboot and reload the driver (note: you either need to back this up before deleting it or you may need to provide a wired connection, so the driver can be found & installed). Then create your profile and hopefully with the registry cleared, this time it sticks. Source: Striker-One's reply here.
Jun 13, 2011
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in network and sharing, theres manage networks, does it show in it. do you have more than one.
i have my nieghbor listed as home, and my sister listed as work, it shows only my nieghbor internet, cause it put both in same list. if you have another wifi signal listed for home, thats the one you will see.

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