Obtaining CORRECT Disk Capacity Usage Data

Oct 15, 2014
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While in the process of preparing my laptop (Lenovo T60) for dual boot (W7 and XP) operation,
I reduced the size of my standard C: drive partition to allow for a D: partition for XP. While cleaning up the contents of C:, I noticed that the disk capacity shown on the Computer panel was almost 70 GB. Now, there is no way I have nearly 70 GB used but to be certain I removed a lot of photos, etc that used a lot (3.3 GB) of storage. The partition lists still 61.7 GB out of 69 GB for the partition.

Thus, when I now try to back up the partition C: to protect against being a clutz, backing up to the Cloud is hours and hours as is backup to 4.7GB DVDs. Basically, I dont trust the data W7 is giving me.

Is there a tool out there that will separately compute the actual storage being used on my C: ?

Thanks for your help.


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