Network drive included in library but files don't show occasionally

Jan 4, 2014
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Hello, I'm having a rather annoying problem with accessing files over the network through a library. I have a library on one computer on my network that draws video files from local folders as well as shared network drives from other computers on my home network. I would like to be able to open the library on this computer and be able to search files across all the folders being included. However, on occasion, the files from certain folders over the network won't appear in the library. However if I go to the folder directly over the network the files are there and are searchable.

Does anybody know why this is and if possible a solution for it? Thanks a ton in advance. ^_^



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May 10, 2010
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You could try to "Add a non-indexed UNC as a library" as explained on the Microsoft Forums HERE.

Although I think it will still be an issue. Even my libraries, which aren't pointing to networked drives, are not always accurate. I can even tell it to refresh and half the time files I deleted still show up; the only way I solve it is to close Windows Explorer and reopen it. Network drives would be even less likely to be accurate because other people on the network can be changing those files plus the only way it would get updated is if it caused network traffic to go fetch a folder list and that won't happen until you actually access the folder, not just a pointer to it.

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