Looking for the best Remote PC Maintenance Software Suite

Dec 6, 2012
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I'm looking for the best, most comprehensive software for performing PC maintenance over great distances via internet connection...

Preferably, I need it to have the following minimum features:

• Full Client desktop view and control from my (IT Tech End) PC.
• Password Security to ensure no unauthorized persons can remotely access the client PC without prior authorization or security code access.
• Full Admin Control of the client PC from the remote computer via internet.
• NetMeeting, Skype, or other equivalent cam <--> cam link during maintenance sessions if necessary.
• Full Direct File transfer capability for adding required software or upgrades to customer PC from my own Tech PC.
• Full Access/Control of Client PC's Registry, Computer Management, and Group Policy

I've seen a few software suites on the market capable of some or all of these.... but I'm looking to find out which 3 of these software suites you consider the...
a. Best of these Software Suites
b. Most Comprehensive of these Suites
c. Easiest to use of these Suites

I'd like those 3 options to choose from if possible...

or just one... if that works better for you. lol

SFC, US Army
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Chris @ Clever-Dudes .com

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