logical partion question

Dec 10, 2009
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hi. im at a point where in i want to reformat my HD, ( i have my reason.. ) the only thing holding me up are my files..

here's my setup

i have the 640gb WD caviar green sata disk, its partitioned into 4 separate drives (logical partition)

my friend told me that if i format my c:/ since my HD has the logical partition, everyting will be deleted including. drives. d:\, e:\ and f:\

although i have all my files backed up, its a hassle to install them again..

is it true not not?

Mar 8, 2009
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No it is not true.

If you format, the only drive that is effected is the drive that you format.

If I remember correctly, You are not even allowed to delete the extended partition until all logical partitions within are deleted.

You do know that only Primary Partitions can be marked Active. In other words you can only boot to a Primary Partition.

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