Lexmark Printer Driver Installation Fails


Gene E. Bloch

Okay, so what about all those letters I was thinking about printing
and sending to all my immediate neighbours, telling them anonymously
("From a neighbour") exactly what I really thought about them, their
filthy cats, and their scummy kids? Could they find out who actually
sent them if they pushed the matter with my local police?
Have it printed at your local Kinko's. Pay cash.

Be careful about your DNA.



Juan Wei

Gene E. Bloch has written on 7/1/2013 6:43 PM:
Also for aesthetic balance.

I hate a desk with a large object on one side that is not balanced by a
similar object on the opposite side.

That's why I spelled esthetic with the 'a'.
I have a tower on one side and an A-I-O one the other right now.

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