Keyboard Shortcuts


Oct 17, 2008
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Microsoft Windows 7 contains some old the usual keyboard shortcuts, but also plenty of new ones. This list shows all major Windows 7 ones, both new and old.

Window Control:

Win Key + Up                      Maximise Window
Win Key + Down                    Minimise / Restore Window
Win Key + Left                    Snap Window to the Left
Win Key + Right                   Snap Window to the Right
Win Key + Shift + Left            Jump Window to Left Monitor
Win Key + Shift + Right           Jump Window to Right Monitor
Win Key + Home                    Restore / Minimise All Windows
Win Key + Space                   Peek at the Desktop
Win Key + M                       Minimise all Windows
Win Key + D                       Show/Hide Desktop
Win Key + +                       Zoom In
Win Key + -                       Zoom Out
Win Key + Tab                     Aero (Cycle Between Windows)
Windows Tasks:

Win Key + L                       Lock Computer
Win Key + E                       Windows Explorer
Win Key + R                       Run Window
Win Key + F                       Search
Win Key + T                       Focus First Taskbar Application
Win Key + G                       Bring Gadgets to Front
Win Key + P                       External Display Options
Win Key + X                       Mobility Centre
Win Key + #(1-9)                  Launch App in #th Pinned Taskbar Slot
Windows Explorer:

Alt + Up                          Up a level
Alt + Left                        Back
Alt + Right                       Forward
Alt + P                           Show / Hide Preview Pane

Shift + Click on Icon             Open new Instance
Middle Click on Icon              Open new Instance
Ctrl + Shift + Click on Icon      Open new Instance (with admin privileges)
Shift + Right Click on Icon       Show Window Menu
Ctrl + Click on Grouped Icon      Cycle between Windows/Tabs in Group

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