SOLVED How To View PDF Files As Thumbnails in 64 bit

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Jun 12, 2010
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Just thought I'd amalgamate a couple of my posts into a small tutorial!!

Currently, it is not possible to view PDF files as thumbnails in 64 bit versions of Windows 7 due to a compatibility issue. This quick little tutorial will show you a way around this incompatibility issue and give you your thumbnail views back.

First a couple of system settings to check.

Make sure "Show thumbnails instead of icons" under Start, R-Click (My) Computer, Properties, Advanced System settings, Advanced Tab, Performance, Settings Button, Visual Effects Tab is ticked and that "Always show icons, never thumbnails" under Windows Explorer (any open folder), Tools (in the "Menu Bar"), Folder Options, View Tab is unticked.

Then you need to download and install This small application from pretentious name. Note that the author states that you may need to re-install Acrobat Reader so that it recognises the dll files the Application loads to the system.

Before you go that far though (re-installing Acrobat Reader) I suggest just clearing your thumbnails caches through the Disk Cleanup Utility (Press Start, (My) Computer, Right click C: Drive (your Main or System Drive), Properties, Click on the Disk Clean Up button. Thumbnails is one of the options to choose) and then do a restart.
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