How to make a program only visible to certain accounts?

Nov 2, 2016
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I have an admin on my family computer, which runs Windows 7. Multiple family members have other accounts on it, but they're not admins. I would like to install a program for one of the family members to use. However, I don't want it to appear on/ in the other family members' accounts, and preferably not even in my account. I don't want the other family members to be able to access (or really even to see) this program, only the one family member. I've tried downloading and installing it on both his and my accounts, but either way it makes the program accessible to any account on the computer. I then tried deleting it from another account, and it was deleted off of all the accounts - including both mine and the one user's. Is there any way I can do what I'm trig to do successfully? Thanks.

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