how to force the use of dedicated video card

Sep 16, 2013
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I have a quite problematic hp pavilion g6-2305sq laptop and I am trying to force it to use the dedicated amd video card. The problem is that in CCC there's no such option. There's only the "Switchable Graphics Global Settings" and I can choose what to prioritise on battery and when plugged in. On battery I've chosen 'maximize performance'. Of course, I can also choose the video performance according to the application I'm using, but that doesn't force anything.

I've tried switching in BIOS, but I don't have that option. The BIOS lacks options, I think. There are only a few. Maybe there's a secret menu that I could activate.

On a different laptop (Lenovo) I can actually choose what video card to use and I just press the respective button. Here everything seems to be made automatically.

I am using Windows 7 Pro. Is there any solution?

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