How to backup my drive C from a bootable USB drive ?

Nov 5, 2012
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I am about to do a format for my drive C: from Windows 7 64bit installation DVD then fresh clean install for Windows 7 64bit on my hard drive partition C: (I have another 4 partitions D E F and G)..
After I finnish and setup everything and boot to Windows 7 , I need a tool or software to boot from (on a USB drive) then make an image for my drive C and store it on let's say E:(I came across a tutorial to have the Macrium Reflect Rescue CD done on a USB drive instead of a CD cause I don't have a DVD drive on my computer)

I heard about Macrium Reflect but my questions are :
1.I don't want it installed on Windows,can the whole operation of backup and restore done outside Windows 7 (from booting the computer with the USB rescue that is) ?
2.Does this software have the command "Format" before running Restore image ? in other words can I format the drive C then restore the image (I made previosuly) to it ?



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