"God Mode" in Windows 7


Gene E. Bloch

Your usage of IIRC seemed confined to what GUID was short for, rather
than how they are formed.
My recollection comes from reading up on how they are used.


Yes, you can copy and paste - just make sure there aren't trailing
whitespace/newlines at the end...

"BookWight" wrote in message

Wandering along the edges of alt.windows7.general, I found the following
bit of electronic flotsam written by Stan Brown
While searching for answers to the "Desktop Icons folder" problem I
just posted, I ran across an interesting article at Cnet called
"Understanding Windows 7's 'GodMode'".

You create a folder with a particular name, and it will automatically
be populated with links to just about every kind of customization or
setting you can do, in one list under a couple of dozen categories.
It's pretty cool. I don't think there's anything there that we
couldn't get through other means, but having it all in one list is
pretty impressive.

Create a new folder and call it
The name changes to GodMode and the icon looks Control-Panelish. Open
the folder and you'll see all the settings.
Aparently, you can't do this via copy & paste - you have to type in the
string. If you copy and paste the string, you get a warning about
characters that can't be included in a folder name (none of which are in
the string, oddly enough)


I said that because, IIRC, I have read that there is a mechanism to
avoid collisions, but obviously it would have to be confined within a
controlled environment.

Sounds like Ethernet to me. :)

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