SOLVED File and Folder Tasks XP - Win7

May 8, 2009
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I have just finished installing Win7 Ultimate on a computer for someone and been asked where is the "File and Folder Tasks" menu that "XP's Windows Explorer" had on the left instead of the drive tree? I have never used this feature and this person showed me on another computer that in XP when you click on the X at the top of the left hand screen in windows explorer it changes to a vertical "file and folder tasks screen" ..In his business he transfers photo file many times everyday either to
1. Transfer to another site or
2 copy them to another site or
3. to a DVD for burning
For those not familar with this feature when a item is selected windows expands this left hand tree, you select from it what you want to do with the file and a new window opens for you to show where to transfer to.
We have both been all over the Win7 help files and can not find how to duplicte this process.. the closest we can get in Win7 is to in Windows Explorer top left, under "Organize" select "Layout" then select "Menu Bar" when the menu bar shows at the top select "Edit" and "Copy to Folder" or "Move to Folder" a window then show up the same as in XP for you say where the folder is to go.....This method is much longer and not as easy to use..
Please Please can anyone help me with this problem or is it a lost cause!!?:confused:
Feb 11, 2012
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When you gave out the directions and copied that link into a Notepad dcoument and "copymove.reg" file....after a few tries IT WORKED!! I too was very frustrated and issed my left hand menu in Windows XP!

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