DVD Drive in XP Compatibility Mode...



I have a fresh install of Win7 Pro x64, and I have installed the
Microsoft Virtaul PC and the XP compatibility image.

I have a DVD drive on the x64 platform, and the XP image says it has a
DVD drive. The DVD dive in the XP image is not accessable.

When I check the vmcx settings file in MS VPC, it shows that no drive
is assigned to the DVD of the XP image.

I made sure that the XP machine is "shut down". I went to "settings"
of the XP image, and tried to assign the x64 DVD drive to the xp image
DVD drive and I get the following error:

"File may be in use by another process or you may not have sufficient
access privilege."

Since the virtual xp machine is shut down, and I am an administrator,
neither should be the case.

There is no lock on any of the files (at least none that I can

So what is goin gon here????

Any ideas of how to correct this problem???

I really need to get access to the real DVD from the virtual machine.



After much troubleshooting, I eventually had to un-install and
re-install Windows Virtual PC.

Problem solved.



It happened again!!!!!

How do I stop this from happening? I can't take the time to reinstall
MS VIrtual PC every day! :(


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