Dedicated Server Vs Cloud Server

Dec 30, 2015
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The wisdom in your choice of DEDICATED SERVER OR a CLOUD SERVER will come from knowing what each of these server types provide. Here are few insights to help you take an informed decision. Read on...

Dedicated servers: - Offer close to metal implementation with little overhead, and they’ve been traditionally the go-to-solution for high performance demanding tasks. As the name implies, each server is dedicated privately to one client. The customer receives access to a physical server with the agreed upon hardware specifications, processing and storage, all in one unit.
• Advantages: Raw computing performance, physically isolated
• Availability: 4 cores to 24 Cores
• Best Suited for: High load web applications
• Pricing: Monthly, Starting from $29/Month

Cloud servers: - Are often confused with the VPS, as both are based on virtualization and come with many of the same advantages. Much of the definition however depends on the particular host provider. We at Datasoft have taken cloud computing to another level by creating a distinctly different virtualized environment. Cloud servers provide many advantages such as easy scalability and redundancy through automation over the traditional virtualization platforms while still guaranteeing a highly competitive performance and pricing. In short – this is our definition of a cloud server regarding the technical backend.
• Advantages: Wide range of preconfigured servers, Cost effective
• Availability: 4 cores to 24 Cores
• Best Suited for: Predictable traffic websites
• Pricing: Monthly, Starting from as low as $8/Month

Which one to choose?

If you are in need of constant raw computational power, then dedicated servers might just turn out necessary as their true strength rely on high cost and high performance hardware. However, the inflexibility with dedicated servers requires you to be able to accurately predict your resource needs beforehand, as there is limited or no opportunity to scale the server later.

If then again you’re developing anything of a varying scale, and you like to experiment without strings attached, the virtualized platforms will probably suite you best. The difference then comes from how these servers can be operated, as cloud servers offer simple configuration and fast deployment. Spinning up a server for a quick test would cost just a few dollars. The same would not be possible with dedicated servers. The real benefit of cloud servers comes from offering great performance with superior reliability.

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