Chrome browser is freezing to the point of becoming unusable

Jun 29, 2012
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I was working in Google Chrome the other day and the whole browser froze to the point of my computer becoming unusable. I am running windows 7 x64. I went into safe mode and got rid of all the extensions. Restarted my machine and went back in to Chrome. Added the X-Notifier extension for Chrome and it instantly froze again. Went back into safe mode and took it out. Added a couple different extensions to chrome and it would freeze on and off. Put in Firefox and it ran fine. I ran the Chrome browser for 5 years with the X-notifier extension plus other ones and I never had a problem. I scanned ffor Malware with MBAM and ESET Nod 32 AV6 and found nothing. Decided to try a newer version of Chrome with the extension and it still crashed. Tried it with an older version of Chrome and it still froze. I shouldn't say crashed because that would give me some report and I got none. It froze rendering the browser and with that the machine totally unusable. I decided to reformat and see what happened. First thing I did was install Chrome with an extension and tried it and it froze the whole browser again. It works in safe mode and safe with networking as that was the only way of deleting the extension. The machine is still under warranty so I took it in for some memory and disk diagnostics and those came back perfect, so why after all this does this browser not want to give up the ghost and tell me what's wrong. I know you might just say use another browser but that still doesn't fix this problem and I would really like to use Chrome if at all possible. I am just out of ideas on what to do to get this browser to run in Windows 7 x64 properly. By the way I tried creating a new profile and the minute I add an extension, especially this mail checking, X-notifier to Chrome, it freezes the machine. Please help if anyone is familiar with this.

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