Can't upgrade 7 to 7 SP1 without SP1 installed.

Jul 15, 2022
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I have a very old machine that somehow never got upgraded to Service Pack 1. That's been constraining me for a few years.

I finally found a site, that in turn has links to the Microsoft site where you can download ISOs for all variants of 7 SP1, for example here's 64 bit Pro:

I've downloaded that, put it on a thumb drive and no matter what I try it's unbootable--I've tried it on three different systems. BUT, I can boot Windows 7 on the machine I want to upgrade, and navigate into the thing and run setup.exe.

The problem is setup.exe won't let you upgrade unless you already have Service Pack 1 installed. But that's what I'm trying to upgrade TO!!!!

Any idea how to get around this?


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