Cannot open any shortcuts or Icons from my desktop

Sep 10, 2020
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Hi, I have a Dell Inspirion 570 windows 7 computer that went dead on me last week. I replaced the power supply unit and got it going again but I can't open any of the website Icons that are on my desktop.If I double click on a Icon,it tries to open but will not. I also tried to click on the internet explorer icon and still nothing. I thought I may have corrupted files or something so I tried typing sfc/scannow on the dos command promt.It did scan and said it found corrupted files and repaired them but I still have the same problem,cannot open any websites at all.Can anyone here please help me with thsi problem or maybe give me some suggestions that I can try. I am in a small town and don't have any computer repair centers other than Officemax but they told me they don't work on any windows 7 computers cause there is not support for them anymore. Thank you for help in advance.


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