Can´t Copy Network File

Jul 13, 2010
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I shared a folder in a Win 7 Ultimate 32 computer part of my network , it´s accessible form other computers in my network , with full permissions to everyone to read and write , no password . ( other computers in the network are running XP Pro SP2 ) .
I also accesses the XP Pro network with , no problems .

The issue , is that I zipped a 200Mb file in my computer ( XP Pro ) , and can copy anything I want to the Win 7.

On the other hand working FROM win 7 I can copy all files to the shared folder (mentioned above ) , all but ONE file , that I zipped . There are no restrictions on that
file .

So, I am kind of lost here , and would welcome opinions .

One more thing - It´s my first experience with win 7 , so I did what I always did
when setting up networks - computer name , and workgroup.
The odd thing , is that the network obviously has a name , but win 7 tags it simply
as "network" - Is this the it is supposed to be ?

Many thanks


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