BSOD with Stop Code 0x0000007B

Oct 14, 2011
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I am getting a BSOD with Stop Code 0x0000007B with Windows 7 Pro w/SP1 after restoring an image to a HD array with a new RAID controller. I injected the drivers for the new RAID card when I made the Boot Media disk using Paragon's software and also injected the drivers for the new RAID card using Paragon's Boot Media software later after restoring the image but I still cannot boot into Windows.

Because I cannot boot into Windows, a person would think I could boot on a Windows 7 installation disk with SP1 and try to run Repair but I can't. When I do, I get the message saying it cannot continue because there is a difference in versions of Windows! I have called and spoken to Paragon's Support but they haven't helped me resolve this yet.

I have been working on this too long and would appreciate having some assistance. Thanks.

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