BSOD every few days

Apr 16, 2013
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I've been getting the BSOD every few days lately with a system restore happening every couple of weeks. I read the initial posts about posting screen shots and the dmp file so here goes! I'm hoping to find out what I need to uninstall so any information would be appreciated. Thanks.



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May 10, 2010
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The one BSOD from a couple weeks ago points to zone alarm, the other two are not clear.

It also looks like you use AVG antivirus software which is known to cause bluescreens in some computers.

I cannot guarantee it is your problem but I suggest you uninstall both of those (not just disable because that does not remove drivers) and install Microsoft Security Essentials along with using the Windows Firewall. Try it a couple weeks and see if the problems go away. If not post the new DMPs. If it doesn't end up helping you can always reinstall them.

While you are at it you should update your drivers from the manufacturers website. For example your video driver is from Sept 30, 2011, get a new one HERE.

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