Backup and Restore - behind the scenes question


Ken Springer

I set up an external hard drive dedicated to just backup and restore
functions. Just to experiment with to understand how the program works.
Absolutely no user data to worry about, this is a learning exercise to
some extent.

I'm cleaning up a Windows 7 computer to be donated. Reinstalling to
"out of the box" state using DVD's from the manufacturer. And I want to
include a System Image disk with the computer.

As I was experimenting with creating system images, restoring from them,
etc. when I had some system images I no longer needed/wanted, I simply
opened a window for the backup drive, and deleted the unwanted files. I
held the Shift key while selecting delete to bypass the recycle bin.

To my surprise, eventually when I went to create another system image,
up popped a message saying there was insufficient space on the backup
drive. But, I'd deleted the images using Shift-Delete, rather than
through the Manage Space option in Backup and Restore.

Doing a complete format of the drive resolved the program.

I'm wondering what triggered the insufficient space message. Does the
backup and restore program write data to that hard drive that is not
affected by a normal delete process when you delete items when you are
in a folder window?
I've spent a good amount of time the last couple of days, trying to
reproduce this. No luck. :-(

Have to let it go for now, and if it should happen to me again
somewhere, sometime, I'll document things at that time.

Thanks to everyone who offered help and suggestions.


Mac OS X 10.6.8
Firefox 16.0.1
Thunderbird 16.0.1


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