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May 19, 2014
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hi all

im trying to get rid of these green words by showpassword pop ups.

ive installed AVG its deleted loads of errors and even poped up saying its deleted showpasswords pop ups but they still here when i go on web pages.

ive instaled the free version of AVG premium security would i need to buy the proper version of AVG to get rid of the showpassword pop ups.

im using google chrome for my browser.

can anyone help ?

thanx matty


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May 10, 2010
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Anti-virus software tries to remove the infected executable but often pieces are left behind. If you homepage was changed or toolbars added you could easily be reinfected.

In control panel > programs and features uninstall all toolbars you don't use (your A/V may have a toolbar, if so leave that).

Install Malwarebytes but don't activate the free trial. The free trial is an active scanner, always running in memory, and could conflict with AVG which is also an active scan. Allow Malwarebytes to update its' DB. Download TDSSKiller and RKILL and save them. Then reboot into safe mode and run TDSSKiller, then run RKILL, then run a full Malwarebytes scan. (When you run it manually that is a "passive" scan and will not interfere with other A/V software). See our Freeware DB for links to TDSSKiller and RKILL (near bottom of the list under Virus Removal).

Then reboot your computer into normal mode and run a full AVG scan.

Then go into Chrome and RESET to system defaults. Even if you don't use your IE it is probably still installed, if it is then go to Tools > Internet Options, Advanced Tab and RESET it, as well.


Mar 1, 2012
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I'm a little more paranoid than Trainableman. I absolutely agree that you run those scans that Trainableman suggested, but I would also suggest that you run an offline scan.

The one I prefer is Microsoft's Windows Defender Offline.

  1. Click "Next"
  2. Click "I Accept"
  3. Select Either: (Typically it is either CD/DVD or USB)
    • CD or DVD
    • USB
    • ISO file
  4. Cllick "Next"
  5. It will create a CD / DVD / USB and will boot and scan your hard drive offline.

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