After apply spybots rootkitscan and full system scan internet connection is blocked

Jun 24, 2019
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Twice time in line I have to see it this way.
First time it happend 2 month ago and I had to reiinstall windows. I thought it is maybe the antivirus program, itself, or forwhatever reason, it doesnt work well together with spybot.

So I reinstalled it, and yesterday I did the same as 2 month ago. Got the latest update for spybot 2.7, and let it run, first the rootkit scanner and after that a full system scan.
And now, that green symbol, down at the right corner, shows that the lap is connected very well, but no matter what browser I start or what page I try to call, it says no connection available

I never read or heard that spybot provoke that issue.
Does anyone have an idea, what to do, or whats the reason
Thank you


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