(2013) Streets & Trips on Win 7...I Hope...I Hope

Jan 30, 2021
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hello for the first time...

[just wanted to start by saying that...even tho discontinued, S&T is STILL the best mapping program on earth (or at least for me)...& I REALLY need it for my work]

Did a reinstall of Win 7 Pro (got corrupted somehow); & did not back up my registry settings. I had originally purchased & downloaded S&T 2011...but the chance to register was gone, w/ no disk (& no registry keys to go along w/ copying/pasting the program files over from backup). (& the fact that MS discontinued all official S&T downloads)

Had a disk for S&T 2008...but could not also register online w/ MS...after 1 shot; I could not use the program. Went into my registry & cleaned out any entry that had to do w/ the program...reinstalled...but I still needed to register for the app to run longer that 30 days.

So...I've purchased a new disc of S&T 2013 on Amazon, but I am worried that when it arrives; & I load it...I will have the same problem.

any ideas as to what to do?...thanx in advance,


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