0x0000000F4 BSOD after wake up

May 22, 2021
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Hi all,

I have a SSD with Windows 7 installed on it, recently I found that it is not aligned properly and run alignment for it with AOEMI Partition Assistant. It did its work, as I understood it moved data in partition. After this Windows 7 stopped to boot due to missing BCD, I could fix it with PE win(I created new BCD and had to correct also MountedDevices in registry as it pointed wrong volume for disc C: ).

Finally my Windows is boot fine now, but then I found one issue: when it wake up after Sleep mode, it might crash with BSOD error 0x0000000F4, I noticed also I can run some programs before it, but if I try to open a text file in editor from disk it fails. Also minidump is not created it just hangs on "Initializing disk for crash dump". It looks like something is wrong with disk operations after wake up, but it happens randomly, sometime it can be fine, but mostly fails.

Can you advice anything?

Thanks in advance!

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