WindowsLiveMail OE-QuoteFix Substitute


Gene Wirchenko

Hey, you have my list!

I used to rarely killfile. Now, I am much less tolerant. Life
is too short. On another newsgroup, there is one poster who sometimes
has some very good insights, but most of the time, he trolls. I have
him killfiled.
It makes no sense to me why those "Most Valuable People" have such disdain
for proper and easy-to-read communication. I too don't bother to read much
of what they write (especially R.C. White). You are right, life is too
short to try and decipher the crap they leave. Their posts remind me of
the old story about throwing a bowl of spaghetti at a wall.
Some people are impressed by the verbiage. I am not.

One E-mail list that I follow has a couple of complicators. I
tend to skip their posts and the threads that ensure.


Gene Wirchenko




Hi, Buffalo.
Well, I added the below program and it seems to properly do the job while
replying to ng posts.
It would be neat if it did the color change like OE-QuoteFix did.

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