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Apr 25, 2021
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Problem: audio services

cannot be started in Win7Pro


No sound on Win7 started after dual boot adding Win10 by new partition for Win10. Both system worked OK except no sound on win7 boot, sound Ok with win10 boot.

Win 10 OS removed by formatting the partition with win10. Now win7 boots OK but no sound.

Current symptoms

When Sound is selected from control panel the following pop up is seen:


When “yes” is selected, pop up tab says “no audio devices installed”

Device manager for sound pop up; “no sound devices installed.

In device manager for “video and game controller”. both devices;

High definition audio device and Intel display device are working properly and. latest drivers installed.


Services (local):

Win audio cannot be started…error 1068



Multimedia class scheduler cannot be started; error 126 can’t find module

RPC: started

DCOM: started

RPC endpoint mapper: started

Win audio endpoint builder: ; error 126 can’t find module

Plug& Play: started

Trouble shooting tried without any fix:

SFC scannow

Windows memory diagnostic check

Windows repair my computer with install DVD

Windows module installer: stopped/restarted + reboot

System file checker

I assume the problem is somewhere in the registry. I am comfortable with changing registry values, but don’t know where to start.

Thank you for any help,



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