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May 31, 2009
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Need help setting up my voice recgonition on my profile only that way I can work on making a HAL W7 which if it works I am going to imbed it in a vehicle cappible of wardriving..... but since we wont hear or see about a new windows till minum 2014 I think it will be fun as hell

Please all help is appreicated
what I need is

New voices ( how to install )
and how to set up the voice



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Oct 27, 2009
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Wish I could help you on the voice recognition thing. I did do it with Dragon NaturallySpeaking a few years ago. It was fairly simple, reading some sentences and paragraphs supplied by Dragon into the headset microphone. Apparently the wording chosen use a broad range of words, syllables and consonants to achieve the best results.

Go to this link for a tutorial on how to do it in Windows 7: http://www.windowsobserver.com/2009/12/05/setting-up-voice-recognition-in-windows-7/

Windows 8 projected release date is roughly 4th quarter of 2012. That's the best guesstimate from industry insiders. 2012 - 4th quarter... Hmmmm?

M$ is trying to maintain a 3 year OS release schedule, like they were keeping prior to the Vista debacle.
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