USB 2.0 thumb drives NOT being recognized or acknowledged

Nov 29, 2017
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Hello all. This one is driving me crazy. I have a 250 gig SSD drive and cloned it to a 500 gig SSD drive. When I put a thumb drive into any of the usb slots with the 250 gig drive the system recognizes it and then I can eject it. When I use the 500 gig drive I get a tone but the drive does not come up in 'COMPUTER'. I can go to drive management and it's also not there. When I go to device manager I have a little exclamation mark next to the thumb drive. I have tried UNINSTALLING the device and then click on SCAN FOR CHANGES. I get the box that drivers are being installed but when I open the box it says driver install FAILED. The driver is "USB 2.0 FD USB device driver". When I click on the UPDATE DRIVER on that device it comes up with WINDOWS SAYS YOU ARE RUNNING THE BEST DRIVER - although NO driver is installed. RIGHT!! I really, really don't want to do an install from scratch and install all the programs and updates and data unless I absolutely have to. SO, my questions to any of you are: (a) IF it was cloned (with no error msgs) then why does it work on the source but NOT the destination? (b) What driver do I need to install and where is it located, and HOW do I get it installed as no floppy and if it wont recognize ANY thumb drive that pretty much limits my install method choices. Oh, one last note, I tried Microsoft's troubleshooting wizard for devices and printers(?) and it found the device driver error but it also could NOT install the driver. ALL HELP will be greatly appreciated. THANKS..

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